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Radhia Gleis
2 min readFeb 22, 2022

California Scream’n by Radhia Gleis

Today, a friendly woman came in to check out our store. A California refugee, she’s new in town. I, being a dislocated Californian myself, welcomed her. Now, my first clue should have been that she is from specifically Orange County. For those who are not familiar with Orange County, it is the Conservative Republican hub of California, equivalent to Austin, the Liberal Democrat hub of Texas. Orange County is the home of the John Birch Society and wellspring of the California KKK. So, there’s that!

Intoxicated over our reminiscing on the best surfing spots, from Zuma to Hermosa Beach, I did not see the rapid train to crazy town barreling down the tracks just around the corner of our conversation. All of a sudden, George Soros came up. Holy shit! …did not see that coming, but I have no doubt where it’s about to go.

Appaaaarently, George is single handedly buying the release of rapists and mass murderers out of the prisons into our streets to enact his deliberately orchestrated, liberal/socialist, crime-spree. Wwwellll…according to my newfound friend, just the other day a convicted serial killer was released into the wild to kill again, of which, evidently, he did ….around here, (as she circled her finger in the general area). All at the behest of good old George, the…