Radhia Gleis
Aug 31, 2021


Anchor: We’re here with reporter Bob Bagadounuts to get an update on the situation.

Reporter: Well, right now Ann all we know is it’s bad, really bad.

Anchor:And what is anyone doing about it?

Reporter: Well, all we know is they’re trying, but there is pushback from all sides.

Anchor: How would you define the outcome of the situation?

Reporter: Well, that is the question Ann, there is no defining this situation. Its undefinable. No one really knows. It’s impossible to define. The one thing we can say is this will be the President’s defining moment. Back to you Ann.

Anchor: Let’s bring in our panel of experts to repeat this dialogue for the next twenty minutes between forty minutes of ad load before turning to anchorperson Valerie de Nero to do this all over again at the top of the hour.